• Monthly services are billed monthly advance

  • Extra refuse is billed on the invoice after service has been provided

  • Invoices are generated on the 1st of each month or first Monday following the 1st

  • Auto pay accounts are charged in conjunction with invoice processing each month

  • Please notify us @ 907-522-0123 when you have a change in address, phone number or service needs or account update to keep current


Extra Refuse 

  • Containers with the lids not completely closed due to over filling of container may be subject to additional refuse charges based on rate class


Pick-Up Times and Placement 

  • Containers must be accessible on the scheduled collection day by 5:30 am

  • If your container is not made available for service, your account may be charged a fee of up to $50 to return to your location to service

  • Please keep all sides of the dumpster area clear by a 3 foot or more, do not put refuse in front of/lean any items against the dumpster or place any trash on the ground within 3 feet of the dumpster.  This could result in a non-service. This can also result in the container not being put back in proper position due to trash falling under container when lifted.

  • The trucks are wider than the dumpster, if you park right next to the dumpster we may not be able to empty the dumpster due to possible damage that may occur. Please make sure there are no vehicles or any other obstacles in the way of the truck to service your container as well as have clear access thru any gates or lots.

  • If you would like the lids closed, please have them closed when we empty your dumpster. Due to time restraints and liability of our drivers are encouraged to not leave the truck. If the lids are open at time of service, they stay open.

  • Please try not to move dumpsters around if possible. When we initially place dumpsters at the requested customer location or agreed upon spot we make sure it is as accessible to as possible. Containers on wheels can be moved but need to be in the same spot for pick up.

  • Northern Waste does not remove any items left outside of container.  This is a safety concern for our drivers and is the responsibly of the customer to maintain any refuse left outside of container at all times.

  • On-call & Extra Pickups :  please allow up to 48 hours for scheduling of extra services



  • To cancel service, please contact your local Northern Waste office @ 907-522-0123 at least 1 week prior to the next scheduled day of service

  • Service Suspended for Non-Payment

  • Service will be suspended or discontinued due to non-payment

  • A service resume fee and a container re-delivery fee will be assessed when an account which was stopped for non-payment is resumed.


Unacceptable Items 

  • Do not place rocks/concrete, dirt, hazardous waste or ashes (hot or cold) in any Northern Waste container.  Title to and liability for these materials shall remain with Customer at all times

    • Please separate appropriately for recycling services – failure to do so could contaminate the entire recycle load for the designated truck & will be denied of dumping at recycling facility – customer is responsible for any/all fees associated with the entire truck load having to dump recycled items at the CTS or Anchorage Landfill at $71.50/ton

    • Cardboard Only Containers:  Please breakdown boxes for optimum capacity & only recycle non-contaminated cardboard

    • Mixed Paper Only Containers:  Uncontaminated mixed office paper, mail, newsprint, cardboard, etc

  • Please contact your local Northern Waste office 907-522-0123 if you are not sure if an item is acceptable for collection by Northern Waste


Equipment - Insurance & Liabilities - Warranties

  • The equipment that Northern Waste provides under this agreement is its property & customer shall take custody of this equipment

  • Customer shall pay for the loss and all damages to the equipment and for its contents while at customer’s location

  • Customer shall return the equipment when this agreement ends in the same condition as received, except normal wear and tear

  • Customer warrants that its right-of-way access is sufficient to carry the weight of Northern Waste’s equipment/vehicles and shall pay for any damage to its property, including pavement, subsurface or curbing, resulting from the waste services

    • Northern Waste will recommend best placement of container for optimum access & safety

    • If the customer requests a service location that is deemed unsafe by Northern Waste employee as damage may occur or access is limited, the customer is liable for and costs for damages that occur

    • If the dumpster is moved from the original location by any persons not employed by Northern Waste then the customer is responsible for any damages to the container and/or customer property